... Interview ...


Hi I'm Lolita, who are you babe ?

                Hi Lolita, I'm Franck Morel, I'm 24 years old and I work for 3 years in 3D and 2D graphics.

Really ! And where did you work ?

                I worked during 2 years for CRYO Interactive Entertainment in Paris where I  had realised some of the animations of Commander Blood, I also worked on several projects which are still in development over there.

You didn't still work in CRYO ?

                No, I made my National Service Army short version and now I work in Freelance for video games company principaly.

Great but what are you working with ?

                I work on a PC station, I make some illustrations and 3D animations prerendered or for real time with software like 3D studio or Photoshop.

And what's about your present and futur projects ?

                Actually, except several activities, I work with some good friends of CRYO on an online project of Internet game with the temporary name of WKZ24. I also want to make a short cut like Toy Story, but ... I'd just start and I'm not at the end of my pain ...

And how can we contact you, honey ?

                The easiest soltion is that I let you click  > THERE <   for we can have a drink ... are you ok Lolita ?

Why not I'm thirsty with all these speak ...

                Ok ... I've to let you guy ... You know Lolita ... Big Bye ...